The fallen of ghana

Writing a book about any person is not an easy task. The task become more complicated and controversial if the book is about a great legend and mysterious person like Nana Drobo.

Nana Drobo will definitely be turning in his grave to know that his son is attempting to resurrect him with his book about many years of silence. The writer has been able to write the story about his father. Nana Drobo in a clear and simple language. He has skillfully included in the book facts and figures which throw more light on the life, works and death of Nana Drobo. The writer has been able to provide relevant information about Nana and has anticipated the problem, questions and answers that readers are most likely to seek answers to. He has given various reason leading to the untimely death of his father. He has been able to identify the pharmaceutical cabal or cartel for spear heading the murder of his father. As an academic, the author employs a wide range of convincing sources, references and comparisons thereby giving the reader an opportunity to understand the mystery surrounding the life and death of Nana Drobo.

Apart from the pharmaceutical cabal, the author makes a risky attempt to identify some of the powerful personalities who could be indicted in the murder of his father. The author, for obvious reasons fails to name these powerful personalities and politicians who are obviously part of the murderous gang who should be jailed for his father’s death but unfortunately still walking scot free. The author has put into main chapters as much material as general readers, medical experts, herbalist, forensic experts, criminologists, investigators, pathologists and researchers will need. Very important topics which have been covered including who killed Nana Drobo and his mission, Nana Drobo and lost opportunity to find a cure for AIDS; the future of herbal medicine in Ghana and more. This book is an invaluable sources not for readers and lovers of history, mysteries, conspiracy theories and biographies but for many others especially in the field of medical science, herbal medicine, criminologists and researchers in general. Whilst commending the author for this valuable work, we also recommend the book to all who desire to seek for the truth and know the truth.

Dr. Samuel Mintah Boateng